Introducing... The Lifted Brow Prize for Experimental Non-Fiction


As you may know, we’re currently reconceptualising and redesigning our print magazine, which is set to be relaunched out into the world in March 2015. In the course of this phase, we’ve been talking a lot amongst ourselves about what kind of work we’re most looking forward to publishing in our beautiful new print object. One genre that keeps being suggested is a non-genre: non-fiction work that doesn’t adhere to the ‘correctly spelled word—>neat sentence—>clean paragraph—>tidy column—>full page’ kind of writing that has been excellent and same-y for hundreds of years. 

Then we thought: how can we let the world know that this is the type of writing we want to be pitched, that we want to see submitted? And then we thought: errybody ❤s competitions. And then we thought: let'sbloodywelldoit.  

We’ve long wanted to introduce a prize for non-fiction writing that throws convention out the proverbial window. And as Morrissey wisely titled a song, 'How soon is now?’, we have decided that now is soon enough! So, please welcome…


But what does it mean? Well, that’s entirely up to you. If we have to tell you how to experiment, then you’re the frog, not the dissecting scientist, and it’s RIP to you.

What we can tell you is that we’re looking for works of new, audacious, authentic and/or inauthentic experimental non-fiction, up to 5000 words. Think Chris Kraus, Eileen Myles, John Cage.

The Lifted Brow Prize for Experimental Non-Fiction seeks work that is unlike any other. We want to hear from writers we’ve never read before, and we want writers we already know and love to challenge themselves to create work unlike any they’ve previously produced.

Up for grabs: AU$1000 and publication in The Lifted Brow 25, all for the low, low entry fee of $7 (FYI: all entry fees are fed directly to the prize pool).

Entries close 25 January 2015.

Judges: Rebecca GiggsJohn D'AgataMallory Ortberg

More info here.

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