Jenn Shapland’s ‘The Tracks’ — up now on LitHub

In advance of our publication of Issue 27, our good friends over at Literary Hub are featuring an essay from this issue: Jenn Shapland’s ‘The Tracks’. It’s a quiet and forceful piece, one that undauntedly showcases the author’s struggle to come to grips with her difficult subject, intellectually and emotionally.

“The day after Thanksgiving, M went out at dusk to Starbucks. He drove east to Fort Sheridan, where the drive-thru is open late. He parked his car in the train station lot, got out, and walked in front of the 7:17 express train. It’s always the same train, my mom told me on the phone.

When we got the news about M, I was already in the middle of writing an essay about suicide by train…”

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