law school columns finally all in one place



If you’re a subscriber to the Brow’s digital editions, then on Monday you will receive our latest app update: a collection of Ben Law and his mum Jenny’s sex advice column, ‘Law School’.

Ben is a frequent contributor to the Lifted Brow, as well as to frankie, Good Weekend, The Monthly and Qweekend. His work has appeared in over 50 Australian and international publications and has been anthologised in The Best Australian Essays. He has written two books: The Family Law (2010) and Gaysia (2013). His mum Jenny made him, and often features in his work.

Download our app now (it’s free) and then subscribe to receive this Law School edition, and every other edition thereafter (once a fortnight). Works out to be less than $1 per update, which isn’t much money for what you receive in return. It’s a commercial transaction in which you, the buyer, are the clear-cut winner! A bargain you cannot and will not resist.

—The Lifted Brow