Limited Offer! Pay What You Think It’s Worth for TLB32: the Capital Issue


Photo by Alan Weedon.

Here is a special and perhaps very silly offer!

For a limited time only, you can pay what you want for our current issue – or rather, you can pay what you think it’s worth. It’s up to you! You simply choose the amount you want to swap us for a copy of TLB32: the Capital Issue.

Therefore, you could theoretically pay $0 for the issue itself, and $0 shipping too, and receive a copy of the Capital Issue at no financial cost to you. Of course, we hope you do choose to pay something – to pay what you believe the magazine issue is worth to you, and to the world. (For your information: the recommended retail price of a single issue is AUD$13.95, and it costs us AUD$5 to send a copy anywhere in Australia, and AUD$10-$20 to send a copy to different parts of the globe, because Australia Post is very expensive.)

Please also know that, as always, all of the money we receive from every purchase we send right out again – we use it to pay contributors, and to cover the costs of production and of running an arts organisation. (Note: all people who work at The Lifted Brow are volunteers.)

We created the Capital Issue to draw more attention towards the relationships between money and human beings in this world. All the writing and artwork in the issue tackles this subject matter, with a wide variety of approaches. For the entire ten years that The Lifted Brow has been in existence we’ve tried to improve the lot of writers and artists, both in Australia and around the world, in the small but important ways we can. The Capital Issue is a direct attack on what we view as a continual deterioration of the material and spiritual conditions within which artists and arts workers have to live and work.

Because transparency is hugely important to us, in the centre of this print issue we published a ledger that detailed all of the hours of labour and dollars of money that went directly into the production of this single issue. We also published an expanded version of this ledger with bonus infographics on our website.

As always, thanks for reading our magazine! (And if you like what you read, do subscribe, for it is subscribers who keep us going financially and emotionally and creatively, day on day, week on week, month on month, year on year.)

Please note: this offer is restricted to one copy per customer only, and for a limited time only.


TLB32 features writing and visual art that reflects on commerce, economics, and cultural capital: dissecting the relationship between capital and the current state of the world. TLB32 directly attacks Simon Birmingham’s statement about creative fields as a “lifestyle choice”.

Contributors include César Aira, Fiona Wright, Lawrence Lacambra Ypil, Sam Wallman, Ellena Savage, Matthew Hickey, Scott Esposito, Benjamin Law, and Alí Calderón.

Issue 32 also features detailed information from each and every contributor, editor, and person involved in the making of this issue. Information disclosed includes the hours of labour spent on the piece by various people, the fees paid, and much more.

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