"Literature, Sex and Death: On Reading Supervert’s Necrophilia Variations", by Bethanie Blanchard


“We were at a party, you and I, in celebration of a long-forgotten cause for joy.”

A girl sits at a table with a book in her hands. She’s wearing a chequered dress that is at once demure and revealing. The film is black and white, yet the girl is monochrome herself – dark jet hair and ivory skin. She opens the book and begins to read a passage from it aloud. At first she seems nervous and somehow fragile, her breathing shallow as she reads quickly.

The prose sounds like a dark love letter. It’s scattered with endearments like “darling” but the subject is death and blood and pain. At least, those are the words I can make out. It’s difficult to follow the narrative as her breathing becomes uneven, the syntax and rhythms skew. It’s just before two minutes in that you begin to suspect the point of the video has little to do with the words being read.

The girl stops short and winces as you realise something is happening beneath the surface of the table, unseen within the tight focus of the camera. Finally, after almost six minutes of gasps and stammered sentences, a look of both pain and ecstasy crosses her face as she orgasms, unmistakably.

This is an extract from The Lifted Brow #21, The Sex Issue! Get your copy now!