Live-Stream Our Experimental Non-Fiction Workshop

Did you know that we will be running a one-day workshop focussing on the histories and practices of experimental non-fiction writing in the lead-up to the deadline for The Lifted Brow and non/fictionLab’s Prize for Experimental Non-fiction? No? Unfortunately: it has already booked out. But if you haven’t secured a spot for it, or if you don’t reside in Melbourne, don’t fret! Thanks to the dark magic of the Internet, we will be live-streaming the introductory lecture and discussion – lead by TLB Editor Ellena Savage and long-time contributor Rebecca Harkins-Cross – from the workshop.

The workshop will take place on Saturday April 16, 2016. You can book your live-stream slot – free for subscribers, $10 for non-subscribers – by emailing Want to know more about this workshop before slapping your ten dollars cash on the barrelhead? Just check out the Experimental Non-Fiction Workshop page already, you gronk.

Also! We are currently gauging interest for further Experimental Non-Fiction Workshops, so if you missed out on a spot this time but would be interested in attending a future hypothetical workshop in person, don’t hesitate to email us!