‘Love at first line: First lines from the Tinder bios of 100 men’, by Kaitlyn Plyley

Photo by Michael Coghlan. Reproduced under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.

Trying to find her again!!



Hey I’m Matt :) I have 2 jobs I have fought and beaten.

How you doing.

I’m looking for a lady,

looking around for my “Tinderella”.

I’m a simple person. Like doing trips going to movies.

New to all this.

I’m a single guy and have no kids. I 6ft 2” brown hair.

Hey there I wanting to meet new ppl and c where it.

Life’s what ya make it.

What u see is what u get…. Love life being out and

how ever u take me.

Looking to meet new people, make new friends, maybe.

Friendly, happy, passionate guy looking for love. I’m an

adrenaline addict.

Self employed, love to travel and want to explore more.

Love the out doors motor cross an fast cars an hate.

I work.

I am 38.

Nice, genuine, honest & fun.

6’3 – Brisbane.

Shave te shaft get an extra inch.

Simple guy… With simple needs.

I once fell into a cactus.

Easy going Gentleman in practice seeks

just a boy looking for a girl looking for a boy looking for


I’m funny :)

Well if your checking me out then that’s a start. I’m a

quixotic, melodic ever so slightly exotic, gentleman.

Got your attention? Partner in crime wanted - apply

If you are 1 (or more) of these: interesting, passionate,

‘86 model, legit dancer, NRL, cars, travel, movies, fun,

corporate in house lawyer. Don’t drink much. Love the

Jet Set Life.

I don’t know what you should say haha but don’t say

unicorns are majestic animals.

Change rien mon petit, c’est parfait.

New to Brissy, recently moved from South Oz. Easy.

If anyone asks, we met at church! giggidy.

I’m a unique blend of sarcasm and sincerity. Wanderer.

I’m a Pantera’s box you do not wanna open.

If you don’t wanna fight, Swipe to the right.

I like to ride dirt bikes and take my clothes off.

I’m a gentleman, I’m a scholar. I’m a 6”5 former athlete.

I’ve got a massive beard now! You know, to weed out

food, trying to stay fit and friends.

You won’t find me: near a gym, with a tattoo, on a

Tattoo Lover. One life spent in travels and troubles.

I’m a young, well traveled and highly motivated male.

Professional by day, movie critic and social sport.

D/A submitted for own Child Care Centre. Step aside!

An Aussie bloke in an Asian disguise :)

I love practical jokes, love laughing and spending time;

loves a great Smile :)

If u like tattoos just don’t talk to me.

I’m actually more of a dog person. I do like this photo.

I know alotta you guys are lookin’ at me and sayin’

jason likes beer and lobsters yeh boiiiiiiiiiiii!

I’m an international multi-award winner fashion/portrait.

Music loving, adrenaline junkie, average bloke bloke ;-)

Trying to find my Tinderella :)

just a nice guy that always fucks up!!!!

Engineer / lazy playboy / The king of wit.

I’m arrogant, overconfident, up myself and the realest.

I can’t really tell the difference between Good and Evil,

let’s have a beer together.

I’m better than you!

Ever get the feeling life can be boring?

I like eating sand, snow, mushrooms and bugs and

the details of my life are inconsequential…. Very.

‘People in glass houses shouldn’t stand up in the bath.’

There’s a good chance we won’t have much in common.

If you don’t like puns, we will not get along.

If your looking for sex on the first date…. I’m not.

Get over yourself, get out of your comfort zone, and live!

Leave your life be free!

Everyday is a gift!!

Sex is not the answer, sex is the question!

Win or learn but never lose!

Love all things creative!

Adventure Time!

This game is weird how do I tell what level I’m up to?

It’s fun being me. Is it fun being you?

I like the parts of your face that are covered in skin.

There were incidents and accidents, there were hints.

Dodgy as fuck but you’ll love it.

Keen to fuck, are you? Looking for something discreet?


I like to drive my Unicorn over rainbows.

Truth be told, it’s all about the music. It catalogues your

unsure records. Round One Fight Gear.

Try anything once. Work hard play hard attitude. Easy.

I rock up and the guy is all about bread. Like, what.

My Daily Routine: Get Up. Be Awesome. Go Back

Through the Dharmic lens,

Into motorsport and work in air conditioning.

Negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.

Kaitlyn Plyley is a Brisbane-based writer and performer. She is an announcer on 4ZZZfm and a Hack Resident at The Edge, State Library of Queensland. If you can’t accept her at her worst, then you won’t get her at her best. All of which is available on Twitter.