Mary Leunig’s ‘One Good Turn’ out soon

We're incredibly excited for the October 1st release of One Good Turn, Mary Leunig's first book of drawings to be published in almost 25 years. Given how difficult it is to obtain prints of Mary's exceptional artworks, Brow Books are delighted to be sharing these drawings with a wider audience.

The drawings in this collection are more important than ever. They are controversial, rebellious, beautiful and smart; they comment on class, gender, politics, history and her personal relationships, all with a startling honesty.

This collection is not to be missed. You can pre-order One Good Turn here or find it at discerning bookshops around Australia after October 1st.

Lacerating, brilliant and unhinged, Mary Leunig's most recent collection of drawings is as to be expected: uncensored and disturbing. Like her previous collections, One Good Turn is personal and political, her subjects playful and violent, but this time around there is a wry sweetness and a gentle ageing satisfaction in parts, as if Leunig's long-held visceral meditation on the woman's body and all the claims made on it — daughter, worker, mother, and lover — is coming to the end of its mortal coil. There is a sense in Leunig's new and raw work that the older woman is a woman finally unchained, albeit too damaged and twisted to consider herself free, but still, as the cover drawing seems to say, able to lie in the sun like an old cat and enjoy a cup of tea.
Anna Krien

Mary Leunig is an Australian visual artist who has had work featured in such publications as The Age, Meanjin, Nation Review, Heat Magazine, AWU Magazine, Time, Penthouse, Der Rabe, and The Meatworkers Journal. She has published four anthologies of work: No Place Like Home (1982); A Piece of Cake (1986); One Big Happy Family (1992); and Black and White and Grey (1993).

One Good Turn, by Mary Leunig
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