Melbourne readers! Come celebrate our 7th birthday with us

The first edition of The Lifted Brow had listed on its masthead the very exact publication date of “19th January, 2007”. Since then, the Brow has: 
— published twenty giant print issues
— staged over sixty gigs
— launched a digital magazine
— published a book 
— and generally just done what it always wanted to do, for the good of you (metaphor: we’re like an astoundingly delicious and equally nutritious vegetable)

To celebrate the all-important 7th birthday (think of how many famous people died when they were seven years old), we’re putting on another gig! Because why mess with a winning formula; we’re not mathematicians.

Come to Boney (aka “old Pony”) on the evening of January 16th to hear/see/feel:

The Ocean Party! 2013 was a big year for these guys, which makes sense because they’re awesome. Have a watch/listen to ‘Split’ off their album of the same name here: 

Electric Sea Spider! When you are a band that makes aural gems like ‘Havana Banana’, everything else will take care of itself:

ScotDrakula! Opening on the night will be this garage/rock three piece, who have been garnering a lot of praise with the release of their rad single ‘Break Me Up: 

We’ll probably do a raffle on the night or something similarly inventive! We’re zany like that

Cost: $12 at the door, which includes a copy of the magazine. Any edition, you choose the one you want. Choice = freedom