Michael Mohammed Ahmad Joins TLB as Commissioning Editor


We are very excited to announce that Michael Mohammed Ahmad will be joining us as a Commissioning Editor for our print magazine, from TLB34 onwards.

Michael Mohammed Ahmad is the founder and director of SWEATSHOP, a literacy movement devoted to empowering Western Sydney people from Indigenous, migrant and refugee backgrounds through critical thinking and creative writing. In 2012 Mohammed received the Australia Council Kirk Robson Award for his work in community cultural development. He is the author of The Tribe (Giramondo 2014), which earned him the 2015 Sydney Morning Herald Best Young Novelists of the Year Award. His forthcoming novel is called The Lebs. As a new commissioning editor for The Lifted Brow, Mohammed will be committed to mentoring, and showcasing the work of, new and emerging Australian writers from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Mohammed has the following to say about his decision to join the Brow team:

I am honoured to be joining the team at The Lifted Brow. I have always admired the Brow’s long-standing commitment to supporting writers from non-English speaking ancestry, and as the director of SWEATSHOP, a literacy movement in the western suburbs of Sydney, I have worked with some of the most exciting new and emerging writers of Indigenous, migrant and refugee backgrounds this country has to offer. In my new role as a Commissioning Editor for The Lifted Brow, I will be devoted to showcasing the kind of stories, essays and poems that reflect the complexity of a culturally and linguistically diverse Australia – the kind of Australia that One Nation can suck on!

If you’d like to get to know Mohammed’s work a little better, we here at the Brow published this story by him in TLB25 (which was recently translated into Italian). His work has also been reviewed by us here, and SWEATSHOP has been discussed by other TLB authors here and here.

We are very excited to read the new and emerging voices that Mohammed will showcase for us here at TLB – and we hope you are, too.