My housemate Mint is like a classic indie zinester hipster bike-girl barista with the horn rimmed glasses, Mary Janes, and a full sleeve tattoo that showcases her appreciation for vegetables, riot grrrl iconography, and 90s cartoons. She also has cicatrisation marks all down her legs that her ex-boyfriend, a tattooist, gave her when she still lived in Oklahoma and still fucked boys. Her eyes became heterochromatic back then too, also thanks to that ex-, but she says that was more of an accident. I don’t judge though. Where I’m from, girls wear silver lipstick with brown lip-liner and leave orange thigh-prints on toilet seats.
— from ‘Now I’m in America’, a story by Holly Childs in The Lifted Brow: Digital, Volume 8, Issue 2. Get the app and read the rest of the story.