Out now: Digital Edition, Volume Eight, Issue One – The Comedy Edition!


Cover art by Jr.Blue/LashnaTuschewski.


We’re proud to announce that we’ve just released the first issue of The Lifted Brow: Digital Edition in which all the content is brand new, commissioned for the digital edition alone. ‘Volume Eight, Issue One – The Comedy Edition’ is packed full of the funniest writers that’ll tickle your ribs (gently).

Patrick Lenton morphs into a ‘Mooncat’; Kaitlyn Plyley lights up Tinder poetry; Peter Escott details the most ‘memorable’ stand-up shows he’s seen; Stephanie Van Schilt tracks the history of Australian sketch comedy through two schoolgirls; Claire Sullivan interviews stand-up comedian and director Timothy Clark; and Andy Matthews shares his favourite comedians-cum-musicians on a brand new mixtape.

The Lifted Brow: Digital Edition is available as a free app download from the iTunes Store, with the first issue free. Get the app now and you’ll be laughing, in every sense of the word.