Cover art by Lachlan Conn.

TLB25: The Relaunch Issue is finally here! Get your copy now.

The Lifted Brow relaunches with a new format and new design. Issue 25 features international luminaries like Margaret Atwood, Eileen Myles and Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer, and Australian talents like Dennis Altman, Ruby J. Murray, Jessie Cole, Sam Wallman, Rebecca Harkins-Cross, Lee Lai, Lachlan Conn, and Adam Curley.

This issue hits hundreds of newsstands, bookstores and specialty outlets throughout Australia, from today, so get out there and find yourself a copy before they sell out.

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What’s to be found in TLB25? Well, all of this:

Buy your copy now before it sells out. (It’ll sell out.)