Out Now! The Lifted Brow: Digital, Volume Eight, Issue Two – The Emerging Writing Edition

Cover art by Jr.Blue/LashnaTuschewski.


This edition of The Lifted Brow: Digital features some of the best young writers from Australia – or more surely, from this year’s Emerging Writers’ Festival in Melbourne, Australia. But those are just the facts. As for the fictions, et al, please enjoy:

  • Holly Childs travels abroad for life drawing classes
  • Astrid Lorange lets us into her glittering new poetry
  • Ellen van Neerven follows a pair of ‘Wetskins’
  • Justin Wolfers talks towards and around writer and editor Blake Butler
  • Nic Low takes an extended dip into the nineties for a weirdo porn freakout

Call it the internet generation. Call it emergence, an emergency. “The next wave.” It doesn’t matter. Here it is. Get the app now.

Plus: this weekend in Melbourne, come and see four of the contributors to this edition of the Brow in the flesh!

Join emerging writers Holly Childs, Nic Low, Justin Wolfers and Ellen van Neerven, with host Connor Tomas O’Brien, for Introducing the Internet Generation, at 11am on Saturday 31st May, as part of the two-day National Writers’ Conference.