PICK A WINNER — ‘BROW A FRIEND’ (A special start-of-2016 subscriber scheme)



To kick off 2016, we have for you a limited time special offer:

Every new or renewing subscriber in January will be able to nominate a person, and we will send that person a copy of our most recent issue, TLB28 | The Art Issue

Yep, it’s that simple! You subscribe or resubscribe, and then all you need do is email us and tell us the name and postal address of the person who you would like to receive a copy of TLB28. Then we pop a copy of the issue in the mail for them, and voila, you are an excellent friend!

The Art Issue has been receiving all kinds of love from all around the world.

This offer only lasts for the rest of this month — come midnight on January 31st, your time is up.

So, why not Brow a friend today?

(That’s our tagline for this thingo. ‘Brow a friend’. It’s really great and catchy. It’ll probably go viral. #browafriend)

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