‘pink moan’, by Mud Howard


Photo by Michela Castiglione. Reproduced under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License

the moon is a milk town
I wanna climb in

the river is calm and cool
on my head I am a wet dog

your love
& then some noise

afraid of here being
a set of temporary teeth

sometimes I am tender and
stoic with strangers

other times the winter
throws bruises at me

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sometimes I am bodies of water
with so many people inside

the pink shape of your
mouth hole all over me

other times I look with my eyes
at your ass

I go on 3am bike rides
with your floral leggings

switching hard above the seat
a soft throb of pastel & salt

a salmon light
swims up your face

we finger sacred crystals
you let me keep my socks on

when I make a pink sound
come out of you

I wear your nipple clamps
like a dog collar

studded hot head
in your pink

smooth cave
sweet gnaw

in the river
drinking tea

we wait
make out

my blood
your sheets

This poem ‘pink moan’ originally appeared in The Lifted Brow #27. Get your copy here.

Mud Howard is a queer trans poet with a lot of feelings. Mud is a recent graduate of the IPRC’s Poetry Certificate Program 2015 and currently lives in the Bay Area where they dream, drink coffee and sing too much Janet Jackson at the karaoke bar.