Please Welcome Our New Print Edition Editors!


As we mentioned a couple of months ago, TLB is undergoing all kinds of tweaks to its operations, as well as entering into brand new publishing and artistic territories. (A handful of us are actually about to jet off to San Francisco to spend a month working with the brainy beauties at McSweeney’s Publishing on some truly/madly/deeply exciting stuff.) 

One such change we’ve hinted at before is that we are currently reformatting/redesigning our flagship print publication. Well, things are sure rocketing along on that front. We now know what it’s going to feel like, look like, smell like, and most importantly, what kind of work will be inside it. But you’ll have to wait until March!

In the first few years of the existence of our print publication, founder Ronnie Scott was editor. Then for the years since Ronnie stepped down, Sam Cooney has been at the helm. Now it’s time for another change! Cooney is standing aside as editor of the print magazine—he’ll be working on the publishing and business side of things for TLB, plus a couple of special editorial projects—and so the question must be asked: who’s running shit now? Well, TLB loyalists, these three phenoms are running shit now:




Founding editor of our ‘Middlebrow’ arts and culture lift-out section, Ellena Savage is now an editor of our flagship print magazine. She is also politics and sex editor at SPOOK, writes a monthly column for Eureka Street, and has written about literature, feminism, and political culture for publications like Overland, the Australian Book Review, Right Now, Arena, and Farrago, which she also co-edited in 2010. Ellena is currently undertaking a postgraduate research degree in Creative Writing at Monash University. @RarrSavage 



Previously working as deputy editor, Stephanie Van Schilt is now one of the new editors of the print edition of The Lifted Brow. Steph is also a freelance writer and has been published widely, including in Crikey, Kill Your Darlings, JunkeeMetro, SBS, SPOOK, and Cineaste, and as ‘Nostalgia’ columnist for The Lifted Brow. She is a co-host of The Rereaders podcast, and is currently completing an MA in Creative Writing at Monash University. @steph_adele



One of our favourite ever contributors, Gillian Terzis is a non-fiction writer from Melbourne, Australia who is also now an editor of our print magazine. She writes features, essays and criticism for places like The Saturday Paper, The Guardian, The Monthly, The Australian, Foreign Policy and The Atlantic, among others. Gillian has previously been our ‘Money’ columnist, writing on economics, and has also published several essays with us. She works as a subeditor across hard news, business, arts, sports, and magazine-style features. @gillianterzis



We imagine you’re as excited as we are that these three talented-in-their-own-right-so-what-will-they-get-up-to-with-their-powers-combined people are going to be working together to create a single publication. The fact that they’ll have a cracking team working under them is even more thrilling. Hurry up, March 2015. 

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(All portrait photographs © Scott Davis)