Revealed: TLB30′s Front Cover!

Did you see our earlier news post about our forthcoming TLB30 launch? Did you clock that little snippet of art by the immensely talented Freda Chiu and think, “I wonder where this delightful snippet of what looks like a Hieronymus Bosch-esque hellscape as rendered by Joan Cornellà comes from?” Well, wonder no more: it’s from the cover of TLB30, which we can now show you.

If you think this is great (which you should, because it is), you should also see what she’s done with the rest of the cover, both with the rear wrap-around art, and also with the fore-edges of the pages. (All will be revealed soon!)

Also unveiled for you here and now, simply because their names are on the cover, are four of the feature contributors you will find inside TLB30: novelist Antonia Hayes, comics artist Tommi PG, poet Natalie Eilbert, and celebrated short fiction virtuoso Joy Williams.

Also, can you believe we’ve made it to 30 issues? Egads. We’re all growned up now, is that right? We don’t feel old – but isn’t that what oldies say?

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