Stack Magazines reviews ‘TLB28 | The Art Issue’

For this first grand month of 2016, The Lifted Brow has been the magazine of the month at Stack Magazines — meaning that our current issue has been sent out to thousands of Stack Magazines subscribers across the UK and Europe. It’s been overwhelming to see so many new faces enjoying The Art Issue — it’s one of the strongest editions we’ve ever put together, and we’re very proud of it.

Now the Stack Magazines head honcho Steve Watson has been kind enough to do a video review of The Art Issue, and we couldn’t be more chuffed:

We love it when people understand exactly what we’re about, and Steve Watson is one of those people. 

Please know, you haven’t got much time left to grab yourself a copy of TLB28. The Art Issue is still on shop shelves everywhere, or you can buy it from us directly and we’ll mail it straight to you

Or if you subscribe, you can choose to have The Art Issue as the first issue of your subscription. (And if you subscribe to the Brow before the end of January, we will send a friend of yours a copy of The Art Issue.)

Whatever you do, don’t delay — we will sell out of this issue soon.