Submit Your Fictions and Manuscripts to Us! Submit!

Photo by Ronald de Villa. Image reproduced under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic License.

Good news, friends! We here at The Lifted Brow are open for submissions—and not just one kind of submission, but two kinds: fiction and manuscripts.

  • Fiction: In The Lifted Brow we tend to publish fiction that is ‘new’ in some way, whether it be different, original, experimental in respect to form, or viewpoint, or style, or voice, or plot, or language – or any combo of all the above. What does ‘new’ mean? We don’t know. We want you to show us.

    You are blending genres? Great! You’re attempting something a little odd, or untried, or really quite difficult – that’s fine! Please send us your most ambitious work; we are forever eager to be convinced. The point being, if you’re not trying to be new/different/innovative/challenging, your piece of fiction probably isn’t for us.

    We want fiction that is brazen and alive. We want fiction that goes right up to the edge and screams into the wind. We want fiction that rearranges something in our heads; that immerses us in a new world. We want fiction that challenges our idea of what fiction can be.

    This is our ideal reaction to the type of fiction that we want to publish:


  • Manuscripts: The Lifted Brow is always a publisher of work that can be classified as ‘literary’, and we seek to champion work that pushes boundaries and challenges assumptions. We cannot recommend strongly enough that before you consider submitting a manuscript you read our previously published books and/or our magazine, as it’ll give you the best possible indication whether your manuscript is suited to us.

    Like everything we do, our book publishing will largely focus on authors from the margins: people who live and write from demographic margins, and/or writers whose work sits in the literary margins. (If you’re not quite sure if you fit within these descriptions, please don’t let it discourage you from submitting – and feel free to get in contact for clarification.)

    Submissions are welcome from anyone who identifies as Australian. (For now, our focus is on unearthing Australian writers and work – sorry non-Australians!) We currently accept unsolicited submissions in the categories of non-fiction and fiction (including short stories) – but we also encourage works that blend these and any other categories in the one manuscript.

As ever, we particularly encourage writers who are queer and/or trans and/or of any colour, religion, gender, and/or have a disability, and/or are rad and excellent and canny, to send us work. New and different perspectives are the ethic of great writing and we’re in the business of great writing.

If you have beautiful/beautifully ugly/otherwise superlative/anything but banal words that you think we ought to be publishing, what are you waiting for? Get them nice and polished and then get them to us via our Submittable.