The Best of 2015 from The Lifted Brow: Online


Image by Cassandra Leigh Gotto. Reproduced under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License

After what’s been a huge year for The Lifted Brow, we’re taking a short break.

Until we return on Jan 25, here is a very unofficial Top 11 list of original pieces that we proudly published online in 2015 to tide you over. Enjoy.

  • Aching For Apocalypse by Alice Robinson
  • “It makes sense that, if we only get to taste true freedom and its associated empowerment in the wake of tragedy and hardship, we (in the first world at least) might then covet and court the thrilling possibility of collapse.”
  • Serbs and the City: Ring a Ding by Sofija Stefanovic
  • “I cried because it had been a Gatsby party – the most unoriginal party theme since Mad Men.”
  • When He Disappeared: Becoming a Non-Believer by Alexia Derbas
  • “I had so many questions about the physicality of the afterlife, mostly to do with weather conditions and the amount of space. Considering that the number of dead souls was always going to be increasing, I imagined He and Satan would need to stretch Heaven and Hell out with their pinkie fingers.”
  • Umami
  • “Derrida spelling a fictional drug name through a metal grate on a smartphone”
  • A City Romance: A Response to Chart Collective’s ‘I Was Here’ Project by Molly Lukin, photos by Alan Weedon
  • “Memory is a city of built-up structures, underground and lesser-known passageways, crumbling yet resilient facades.”
  • The Unbearable Lightness of Being Corporeal by Elmo Keep
  • “Your countenance is so even, your patience so infinite, that perhaps you are a reincarnated monk or a very wise elderly woman.”
  • How I Started Writing an Essay About “side eye” But Then Couldn’t and the Essay It Was Instead by Elena Gomez
  • “i came across a facebook group called ‘thug witch’ and it was horrible and sad because i adore witches but not witches who think that ‘thug’ makes them seem ‘cooler’.
  • The Shape of Things To Come by Sophie Allen
  • "Honestly, if crawling for hours through a swamp with crocodile bite wounds to the legs doesn’t get you reconsidering your anthropocentric outlook, I don’t know what will.”
  • Friendship Bouquet: A Review of Simon Hanselmann’s 'Megahex’ by Leonie Brialey
  • “One of the few times in my life when I’ve felt like a genius was when I realised that speech balloons are balloons: they’re air, someone’s breath. No other medium expresses speech this way, so visual, bodily, physical, exhaled. I don’t think I was stoned when I realised this, but I could have been.”
  • 35,000 pieces of Converted Culture by Adam Rivett
  • “This is our ability, our great strength as an old and descending line of invaders and occupiers – to draw a line, to call time on a boundary we once thoughtlessly crossed.”
  • Crackers #5 by Sam George-Allen
  • “As I hacked off the bare, dusty branches with blunt secateurs, I felt like I was snipping off the shit bits of the year, too.”

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