The First Two Digital Instalments of TLB32 Are Now Available on the Web and Via Our App

First, the bad news: you can’t pay what you want (or, more accurately, what you think it’s worth) for the digital version of TLB32: The Capital Issue. For that, you’ll want to get a copy of the print issue – and get it while the getting’s good, because it’s a strictly limited offer!

Now, the good news: the first two digital instalments of TLB32: The Capital Issue, are available now, both on the web and via our app, ready for the delectation of pretty much any digital device you own.

What’s inside that delightful cover by the phenomenally talented Sam Wallman? Only the very best stuff: prose by César Aira, Ellena Savage, Briohny Doyle, Fiona Wright, Lech Blaine, Scott Esposito, Sam West, and Rea Bhagat; poetry editor Omar Sakr’s conversation with poet Lawrence Lacambra Ypil; poetry by Lawrence Lacambra Ypil and Alí Calderón; images by Eloise Grills, Keith McDougall, Merv Heers, Rudy Loewe, Amanda Baeza, Emma Davidson, and Leonie Brialey; plus the issue’s editorial by Annabel Brady-Brown and Zoe Dzunko and, as ever, Benjamin Law and Jenny Phang’s Law School advice column. Yikes – so much #content!

We make every issue of our print magazine available to read digitally (via the web or our free-to-download iOS app), splitting each issue into three instalments. We do this because the work we publish is first and foremost intended for the printed page, and to shovel it all into one single digital issue would be silly.

We know that some folks can’t get their hands on a print copy easily, or simply just prefer to read on their handheld device, and so we work to ensure the digital reading experience is also a special one.

Why wait? Click to tuck into this digital feast of great words and images!