The Island Will Sink Arrives at TLB’s Offices – Pre-Order Your Copy Now!

We here at the Brow have been very excited for a very long time about our first foray into the world of book publishing: Briohny Doyle’s debut novel The Island Will Sink. (Find out all about it here and here, or read the lovely reviews that have come in from Readings, Books + Publishing, and Bookity Boo, or just go ahead and pre-order it.) So, can you imagine the mixture of anticipation and nervousness that accompanied the unwrapping of the final copies of the book that were delivered to our Melbourne offices? Well, imagine no more, because we took a bunch of photos of author Briohny Doyle, publisher Sam Cooney, and designer Rosetta Mills doing exactly that:

Photos by Caitlin McGregor and Rosetta Mills.

Do you want to feel as elated as Briohny, Sam, and Rosetta? Well, short of writing your own novel/starting your own publishing imprint, you can pre-order a copy of this very excellent and special book: “a dystopian romp, as cinematic as a roller coaster ride, and deep with ideas and heart” according to Steven Amsterdam. (Also: if you are in or around Bendigo, Brisbane, Byron Bay, or Melbourne, you can catch Briohny at one of the many forthcoming events celebrating The Island Will Sink.)