The Lifted Brow 29 is here!

We are excited to announce that Issue 29 of The Lifted Brow is now arriving in the mailboxes of subscribers, and gracing the shelves of newstands, bookstores and specialty outlets around the country and the globe!


Images by Alan Weedon.

This issue features phenomenal writing and artwork including:

  • cover artwork by Ruth O'Leary, and feature art pages inside also by Ruth;
  • nonfiction from Briohny Doyle, Shaun Prescott, Amy Gray, Regrette Etcetera, Adam Rivett, Dion Kagan, Jana Perkovic, Stephanie Van Schilt, Paola Balla, Gabriel Filippa, Fatima Measham, Robbie Arnott, Ruth Wyer, Alex Cuffe, Paul Dalla Rosa, Lou Heinrich, Helen Addison-Smith, H.D. Thompson, and Jean Hannah Edelstein;
  • fiction by Khalid Warsame, and by David Thornby;
  • comics and artwork from Mary Leunig, Lyra Hill, Sam Wallman, Safdar Ahmed, Brie Moreno, Merv Heers, Freda Chiu, Lynn Nguyen, Chaya, Chris Gooch, Anna Haifisch, Leonie Brialey, Charlotte Dumortier, Phoebe Sheehy, Tommi PG, Emilie Gleeson, Queenie Bon Bon and Ben Fordree;
  • poetry by Wendy Xu, and by Stuart Barnes;
  • and Benjamin Law and his mum Jenny’s sex and relationships advice column.


The Lifted Brow is stocked in more than 900 shops around Australia and the world. You can also have The Lifted Brow delivered straight to your door by becoming a subscriber!