The Lifted Brow x Emerging Writers' Festival x White Night = Red Eye

As part of Melbourne’s White Night festival on Saturday 21 February, we teamed up with The Emerging Writers’ Festival to make a special, one-off magazine in a night, which we named Red Eye. The magazine was constructed live in The Wheeler Centre performance space, edited and designed on stage from 7pm-7am.

And now you can read it, hot off the metaphorical presses.

For a glimpse of what’s in store, here’s the editorial:

What is a magazine if not ̄\_ツ_/ ̄?

It’s just hit 5/6/7a.m., which means we have two/one/zero hours to wrap up this experiment in overnight publishing. We started out as warriors. We were starry-eyed, unstoppable. At some point in the night Cameron Baker transformed us into furry monsters.

And now? Following a suggestion on Twitter, we have named this one-off magazine Red Eye, because that same shitty, blurry, weird feeling? That’s us right now. We’ve hopped between time zones, from New York to Indonesia, to a world a thousand Red Bulls deep. Can you feel it?


Alex, Annabel, Zoe and James

The Lifted Brow

Click here to read Red Eye.