The Second Digital Instalment of TLB31 Is Now Available on the Web and Via Our App

It seems like it was only a few days ago that we were telling you all about the latest digital instalment of the Brow—and that’s because it was. But because we love giving you, our readers, the latest in Brow-related #content, it’s already time to tell you that, yep, the second digital instalment of TLB31 is out now and ready for your computer/phone/tablet’s delectation (and, by extension – your delectation).

We make every issue of our print magazine available to read digitally (via the web or our free-to-download iOS app), splitting each issue into three instalments. We do this because the work we publish is first and foremost intended for the printed page, and to shovel it all into one single digital issue would be silly.

We know that some folks can’t get their hands on a print copy easily, or simply just prefer to read on their handheld device, and so we work to ensure the digital reading experience is also a special one.

So, what’s in this instalment? A big ol’ slab of it is taken up by the folio ‘Notes From the Queer Unconscious’, guest-edited by TLB founder Ronnie Scott. It features boundary-pushing words by George Haddad, Nic Holas, Nike Sulway, Alice Chipkin, Peter Polites, and Francesca Rendle-Short, and artwork by Sam Wallman and Queenie Bon Bon, Lee Lai, Hiro MCL, and Merv Heers. There’s also stuff from outside of the folio, too: Jana Percović’s column returns with ‘The Critic in the Episode “Guilt”’, and there’s artwork by Bailey Sharp and Valentine Gallardo.

What more can we say? This is so full of good stuff! Make like the B52s and get some of that good stuff by clicking here.