The Third and Final Digital Instalment of TLB31 Is Now Available On the Web and Via Our App

If TLB31 were The Lord of the Rings, this would be the instalment where Frodo finally chucks the goddamn ring into the volcano. Fortunately for both you and us, TLB31 is not The Lord of the Rings. But what we’re trying to say is: TLB31.3—the third digital instalment of our flagship print publication—is now live and ready for your digital device, whatever that device may be.

We make every issue of our print magazine available to read digitally (via the web or our free-to-download iOS app), splitting each issue into three instalments. We do this because the work we publish is first and foremost intended for the printed page, and to shovel it all into one single digital issue would be silly.

We know that some folks can’t get their hands on a print copy easily, or simply just prefer to read on their handheld device, and so we work to ensure the digital reading experience is also a special one.

What’s inside this last instalment? Only the very best for you, our dear readers. We’ve got Rebecca Harkins-Cross on the films of Richard Linklater; abject topology from Emma Rayward; Christopher Evans satirising product recalls; critical memoir by Natalie Eilbert; Conor Tomas O’Brien on vaping; and the winner of this year’s The Lifted Brow & RMIT non/fictionLab Prize for Experimental Non-Fiction, W<J>P Newnham’s ‘Trash-man Loves Maree’. Also: artwork and illustrations by Nicky Minus, Clea Chiller, Gabby Loo, Keith McDougall, Kevin Hooyman, Molly Rose Dyson, Safdar Ahmed, and Sarah Channing, as well as an Advicecomic written by Hera Lindsay Bird and drawn by Talya Modlin. Phew!

Why wait? Click to get stuck into this feast of good #content!