The Third and Final Digital Instalment of TLB32 Is Now Available on the Web and Via Our App


If you’ve ever been to San Francisco, you’ll know this: that capital and digital technology are deeply linked, in ways that have material impacts on the lives of people outside of the tech world. Which is why it feels a bit weird to trumpet the fact that this, the third instalment of our special ‘Capital Issue’, is now available on the very same devices that really merit a materialist leftist critique. Capitalism! As some guy once said, it’s full of contradictions.

Anyway: the third and final digital instalment of TLB32: The Capital Issue is now available for your reading pleasure, on just about any digital device you care to own. What’s inside that delightful banana-yellow cover by the stupendously talented Sam Wallman? Only the best for our valued customers: prose by Angela Serrano, Carolyn D’Cruz, Daniel Levin Becker, Danniel Schoonebeek, and Matthew Hickey, poetry by Safia Elhillo, and images by Melissa Mendes, Michael Fikaris, Michelle Baginski, Roxane Lumeret, Sam Wallman, and Tommi PG.

We make every issue of our print magazine available to read digitally (via the web or our free-to-download iOS app), splitting each issue into three instalments. We do this because the work we publish is first and foremost intended for the printed page, and to shovel it all into one single digital issue would be silly.

We know that some folks can’t get their hands on a print copy easily, or simply just prefer to read on their handheld device, and so we work to ensure the digital reading experience is also a special one.

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