TLB x EWF: Come to Our Riso Print Shop Show Opening


Cast your mind back – back to a time when we told you all about the Riso print shop show that we’re putting on with our pals at the Emerging Writers’ Festival. (We told you all about it last week.) In that post, we mentioned that there would be an opening night/launch party for this exhibition on the 20th of June, which happens to be this very night. And—what a coincidence!—we’re here to tell you all about how you should definitely come to this shindig if you’re in Melbourne, Australia or its vicinity tonight.

Our Riso print shop show is all about two things: showcasing the work of TLB’s excellent roster of artists (whom you can support by buying a beautiful Riso print of their work), and giving artists the opportunity to print their work on a Risograph printer for free, i.e. nothing, which is a big deal because Riso printers are heavy and expensive and generally not the kind of thing you get to have access to for nix.

(If you’d like to partake of this free Riso excellence, there’s still time! Just drop into the exhibition between 11am and 4pm with an A4 monochrome print of your artwork and we’ll turn it into twenty delightful prints in either hot hot pink or sexy deep purple. We’ll keep one for the exhibition and you can keep the rest.)

The exhibition is slowly but surely filling out with some lovely new contributions from TLB readers and friends, so come on down to the launch tonight to see what people have whipped up with our Risograph. The party starts at 5:30pm at 1000 £ Bend, and, like the exhibition itself, it’s totally, totally free.