TLB x MFF: Come to Our Mixtape Memoirs Event!


It’s back! After appearances at the Emerging Writers’ Festival and its Hobart and Adelaide roadshows, as well as at the Sydney Writers’ Festival, our beloved Mixtape Memoirs event series continues with an instalment hosted by our friends at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

For this special ‘Becoming Visible’ edition of Mixtape Memoirs, six talented people—June Jones, Alia Gabres, Leonie Brialey, Paola Balla, Bart Freebairn, and Emily Taylor—have each chosen a song that helped them step out from the shadows and reveal a part of themselves to the world, and they each want to tell you a bit about it. Hear the songs, listen to readings, bask in the performances, and celebrate making the invisible visible.

This event is free free free and unticketed – all you have to do is rock up on the evening. It’s taking place at 9pm–11pm on Tuesday September 20th at the Melbourne Fringe Festival Hub in Arts House, 521 Queensberry St, North Melbourne.