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Picture: front and rear covers of TLB20 (artwork by Katie Parrish).

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TLB20 is our sixth issue of the year, and one of our best ever. Enclosed inside Katie Parrish’s exquisite double cover artwork you will find: a journey by Gillian Terzis to Porcfest 2013; a look at gay rugby by gay rugby player Simon Copland; camping on a London rooftop with Matthew De Abaitua; Jacob Edwards picking apart the chess game in Blade Runner, Madeleine Watts looking at the history of women’s underwear; Anthony Morris dissecting Paul Gallasch’s film Killing Anna; Luise Toma telling a story about a sailor; Phil Estes about being an American who grew up in the United States; and Zoe Barron getting out of Perth for a while.

There’s fiction from Luke Carman, Mark Chu, Emily O’Grady and Sarah Kanake. Sam Twyford-Moore interviews sound artist Tom Grant; we take a look back at the Twitter career of Petar Carey; and Vanessa Berry coaxes us along on a journey to a Magic Kingdom (as well as drawing us a map of all of Sydney’s theme parks). Gemma O’Brien’s ongoing Spew Bag Challenge project is featured; Matt Banham recounts his memory of the time he visited a proctologist; and Benjamin Law and his mum Jenny give out more sound sex advice. 

Christine Priestly continues her series on unusual jobs, this time profiling public artist Sayraphim Lothian. Briohny Doyle’s Popapocalypse column is witchy, Rhianna Boyle Nature column is about introduced animal species, Chad Parkhill discusses the merits of Kir in his Booze column, and Nina Gibb looks at the psychology of magic.

Middlebrow: just when you thought our regular contributors to our Middlebrow lift-out arts section couldn’t get any exceptionaler, they go and do. Rebecca Harkins-Cross looks at the films of Ivan Sen, Ellena Savage lols a lil bit at the strangeness of writers festivals, Andre Dao ruminates on boringness in sound, Stephanie Van Schilt gazes at Jane Campion’s Top of the Lake, Matthew Clayfield spotlights on Toby Schmitz, and Sofija Stefanovic hangs out with a woman who makes lifelike infant dolls. And this issue introduces a new video games column from Shaun Prescott! Plus there are superb recommendations from Dion Kaga, Patrick Lenton and Liam Pieper.

Colourifying and boosting the issue are comics from Sam Wallman, Michael Litven, Noel Freibert, Ines Estrada and Nicky Minus, and artwork from Marijka Gooding, Angelo Giunta, Mitch Gee, Bonnie Eichelberger, Chris Somerville, and Sara Drake. 

All in all: you should get it.