TLB26 now out, digitally

Okay! The first digital volume of TLB26 is now out. Those of you who are digital subscribers would’ve already received a cute little notification on your device letting you know; those of you who aren’t subscribers would’ve received nada, zip, zero, nothing. Sadfase for you, sad sad sad.

We love the fact that everyone around the world can now read the work we publish in our print magazine, and for a fraction of the cost. JOIN OUR RLLY COOL CLUB ALREADY!?

This digital volume (TLB26.1, the first of three volumes) includes:

- Gillian Terzis’s editorial
- Samuel Wagan Watson’s non-fiction
- Dion Kagan’s queer column
- Koren Helbig’s essay
- Mary Leunig’s portraits of famous couples
- Sam George-Allen’s essay
- artwork by Ben Urkowitz
- Jessica Yu’s memoir about China
- two poems from Lonely Christopher
- fiction from Chris Vaughn

The app itself is free to download, and it comes with a free sample issue. As always, you can grab individual issues or subscribe via iTunes. It is very very very inexpensive. You can read individual issues simply by purchasing them, or you can save money, time and thumb movements by choosing an annual subscription, and issues will be delivered to you automatically. All subscribers will also receive access to our entire back-catalogue of digital issues for the duration of their active subscription.