We are excited to announce the longlist for The Lifted Brow Prize for Experimental Non-Fiction. 14 writers have made the longlist. We will announce the shortlist in a couple of weeks, and the winner will be published in our issue 25 of our print magazine The Lifted Brow, relaunching in March.

We thank our judges: Rebecca Giggs, John D’Agata and Mallory Ortberg.

The longlist is below.



‘Flaming June - Still Life and the Anthroposcene' 
—Sophia O'Rourke

'Music Begins Where the Possibilities of Language Ends’
—Scott Sandwich 

'Don Quixote, Which Was an Essay: A Plagiarism for Kathy Acker’
—Jocelyn Hungerford

'The Ax and the Ex: Texts and Contexts’
—Kelly Neal

'Thought Experiment’
—Harry Saddler

'A Holiday with Space Hippies’
—Ilan Oberon

'Navel Gazing’
—Mattie Sempert

'The Lake’
—Ben McLeay

'Humans Pretending to be Computers Pretending to be Human’
—Oscar Schwartz

—Sian Campbell

—Caroline Crew

'Kristeva’s Blood’
—Rachel Hennessy

'Why I Am Not A Pianist' 
—Sam Cha

'The Caged Bird Speaks’
—Kimberley Starr


In conjunction with the relaunch of our print magazine The Lifted Brow in March 2015, this prize is looking to unearth new, audacious, authentic and/or inauthentic voices from both Australia and the world.

We applaud the current focus and fascination with boundary-pushing non-fiction writing that is published online, but we still believe there’s scope to experiment on the page, using true facts, words from life, journals, journalism, collage, theory, tricks, arguments, etc. The essay, as the end of experience, is a malleable form, and we want to celebrate that with this prize.

The Lifted Brow Prize for Experimental Non-Fiction seeks work that is unlike any other. We want to hear from writers we’ve never read before, and we want writers we already know and love to challenge themselves to create work unlike any they’ve previously produced.

More details about the prize.