Two poems by t’ai freedom ford


Photo by Tom Simpson. Reproduced under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.


after Amaryllis Dejesus Moleski
reign toplessgrab ya crotch missclutch an amethyst
spearwear a skirt of atmosphericpressure
invite lightning& a flock of lavender irises
batwings sing a chorus of third eyes shadowed
blue-brownthis the nu nile magic hour
how a blackgirl urge a powersurge outtagunpowder
our power be in the marrow how our
grandmamas bones could summon tomorrow’s
sunshowerdevour doubt & make magic
outta droughtpluck a guitar from the clouds
& get loudall thunder in shitis you wet yet?
or at least dizzyforecastpartly frizzy
for the fish frybitch been flyi’ll make it plain:
alchemy’s the only currency now
make it rain


after Amaryllis Dejesus Moleski
fuck flux: this universe tryna render you
redundanta mere speck amidst the spectacle
of spacean unremarkable black hole
a dust bowl of nappinessimploding whirlpool
of blackgirl coolslave to samenessspectrum
of humdrumradioactive violencedisguised
as incomplete sciencesuckas solving for X
nevermind you lightyears beyond celestial
conspiracyextraterrestrial deliverydang!
you big bang in shitcosmicprehistoric
relics like bones & axesretrograding
backwardsshooting stars ain’t nothing but black
chicks doing back flipsfuck flux:gravitate
black & rotate that axis till this universe

These two poems originally appeared in The Lifted Brow #27. Get your copy here.

t’ai freedom fordis a New York City high school English teacher and Cave Canem Fellow. Her first poetry collection, how to get over is forthcoming from Red Hen Press. t’ai lives and loves in Brooklyn, but hangs out digitally at: