Umami #1: Prue Stent remixes Andy Jackson

Umami is a very special collaborative remix project between The Lifted Brow and Cordite Poetry Review. Original pieces of poetry and flash fiction were selected by Cordite guest editor Luke Davies, before The Lifted Brow assigned some of our favourite creative minds — visual artists, writers, musicians, architects, programmers, designers and technicians — to remix these originals and produce fourteen new works.


Each weekday over the next three weeks we’re publishing a new one of these extraordinary responses on our Umami site, kicking off today with photographer Prue Stent’s remix of a poem by Andy Jackson.

Brow Poetry Editor Zoe Dzunko writes in her editorial for the Umami project,

“Perhaps all we can ask poetry to be is a provocation, a moment of ignition that stimulates new ideas and ways of thinking. This is all I ever hoped this project could be, one that seeks to dismantle the tyranny of meaning which suggests poems are in possession of one definitive reading, and instead celebrates the embodied process of merely experiencing a poem: understanding, misunderstanding, feeling something or, perhaps, feeling nothing; which is not an indication of failure, it is just as vivid, just as true, just as concrete an elicitation as any other we can generate.”


Prue Stent is a photographic artist currently based in Melbourne. Her work is a co-mingling of sculpture, installation, moving image and photography, through which she explores the relationship between feminism and surrealism. Prue’s inspiration doesn’t derive from wanting to push a rational intellectual message or philosophical point of view, but instead from a perverse curiosity. Since graduating from a Bachelor of Art (Photography) at RMIT in 2014, Prue’s been involved in a short film and various collaborations with musicians, artists, fashion labels, magazines, including Oyster, i-D, Rush, Desktop and Vice. As an emerging artist she intends to continue on producing work in a collaborative team context, using photography in all sorts of ways, with all sort of purposes.