Umami: A Poetic Experiment

The Lifted Brow: Online is excited to announce that submissions are now open for a special collaborative project in which we will be partnering up with Australia’s best poetry publication, Cordite. This project is a publication that will go live in the second half of this year on both the Cordite website and here on The Lifted Brow: Online.

Cordite regularly publishes themed issues of poetry — generally guest-edited, generally large-scale, and always of very high quality. Now The Lifted Brow: Online will be jumping in to be part of one of these issues, which will be themed ‘UMAMI’.

Good: the theme of ‘UMAMI’. Better: for this UMAMI issue, the original pieces of poetry and flash fiction will be selected by special guest-editor Luke Davies. Best: The Lifted Brow: Online will have the job of assigning Davies’ choices to some of TLB’s favourite writers, artists, musicians, programmers and others, so that these people can create new work inspired by the original works. Expect textual remixes, visual illustrations, songs, gamification, and more.

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