We Want Your Clever Words About ‘Capital’ for TLB32!


The thirty-second issue of our print magazine is devoted to the theme of ‘Capital’. We want words and visuals that appraise the relationship between capital and the current state of the wor(l)d. This call is open to interpret as you like – invisible labour, life as a content monkey, Pay the Writers, the commodification of art, bodies, nature, romance, and all spaces in between. We want outward-looking words and art – work which investigates, elucidates and interrogates art’s worth and/or considers who is responsible for picking up the bill.

We will look fondly upon:

  • non-fiction essays;
  • comics/graphic narratives;
  • fiction that grapples with capital concerns;
  • and pieces that are perhaps uncategorisable.

Also: got money worries? Send your questions to Law School, and have Benjamin Law and his mum Jenny answer them.

Pitches must be sent through by midnight September 8th.

Full pieces are due by midnight September 28th.

Note: We plan to publish each piece in TLB32 with corresponding information disclosing the hours of labour, payment, and more. Please make sure you are comfortable with sharing such information publicly, and do try to include with your submission a record of the hours of labour involved in your piece.

Please pitch and submit all work via our Submittable – we do not accept pitches or submissions via email.

As always, the best way to understand the kind of work we like to publish is to read our magazine. You can grab a copy here, in print or digital format.

Any questions or queries can be emailed through to editors@theliftedbrow.com.