We’re Looking for an Online Commentary Editor – Could It Be You?


Photo modified from an original by Tony Webster. Image reproduced under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.

If you’re an observant Brow-watcher—and who amongst us isn’t, really?—you might have noticed that with Annabel Brady-Brown taking an editorial role in the print magazine, the Brow is down an online editor. If you saw this and wondered if we’re looking for a new online editor, then have a gold star for your observational/deductive skills!* We are indeed looking for a new online editor, to be responsible for our commentary pieces.

The Commentary Editor’s responsibilities will mainly involve publishing one commentary piece every fortnight (on average) on our website. This will involve commissioning writers, reading pitches and submissions, editing, readying pieces for publication in our CMS, and working alongside the other online editors, the website manager, and all other Brow people as required.

Our new Commentary editor will understand what we mean by ‘commentary’. We like to publish commentary pieces that are topical but timeless, that respond to contemporary events, thinking, articles, artworks, exhibitions, and beyond. Our commentary pieces are inclusive, in that arguments bring people into understanding, rather than chastising people and turning them off a topic. We don’t want to preach just to the choir/congregation but to open conversations up. We publish pieces that speak to an international audience but retain an Australian perspective, that surprise, that blend genres and push boundaries, that perhaps mightn’t be published anywhere else. We like our writers to be bold, to look at the big picture, to stir up controversy if it needs to be stirred. We like funny, incisive, and smart writing that sparks and informs debate.

We’re also open to commentary in other forms: photo essays, videos,
comics, visual art, and others we haven’t heard or thought of. We’re especially interested in things that could only live online: innovative things with digital media, creative transformations of social networking tools, etc. The weirder the better, sometimes.

There’s more info here about the kind of commentary pieces we publish, plus some wonderful examples online.

For this role, ideally we are looking for someone who is:

  • based in Melbourne, or at least in Australia;
  • deeply interested in social and cultural issues, both large and small;
  • plugged into contemporary literature, arts and debate;
  • experienced in commissioning and editing;
  • experienced in online publishing;
  • self-motivating;
  • and very organised.

If you are based in Melbourne, you will ideally be able to come into the Brow office on Fridays, which is when we all get together, though this role also requires a level of day-to-day attention in order to keep on top of pitches, correspondence, edits, etc.

Please note: this is a volunteer/unpaid position. All people who work at The Lifted Brow are volunteers.

Does this sound like you? Well, in that case, you know what to do – apply, apply, apply.

Not sure if this sounds like you or not? Need some clarification? Have a burning, burning question? Hit up Annabel Brady-Brown via online@theliftedbrow.com.

We look forward to seeing your exciting applications for this exciting role!

* Unless, that is, you know this because you’re a stalker. Please don’t stalk us.