Would You Like To Review Books for Us? We Would Like You To Review Books For Us!


What things are better than books? We think: not many, if any. If you concur with this sentiment, perhaps you would like to review some books for us?

The Lifted Brow Review of Books is—as the name might suggest!—our online section dedicated to reviews of books. And, yep: we’re looking for people to review books for us. What kind of books? All kinds of books, but we look particularly fondly on Australian books, and fiction books, and books of Australian fiction. But also: poetry, and interesting/experimental non-fiction, and books by people who are not from Australia, and books by people of colour and women of colour, and books by queer people, and works in translation. Basically – if you’re interested in reviewing a book, and you can tell us why you’d like to review that book, we’d like to hear from you.

We’d also like to hear from you if you’d like to be part of our pool of book review contributors who we keep in mind when commissioning reviews of books. We’re easy like that!

Our aim for TLB Review of Books is to do more than publish book reviews that don’t suck. We want to see what you can do when the usual confines of book reviewing are removed. We want reviews that are weird, that break boundaries (technical, artistic, moral …), that you couldn’t get published anywhere else. We want you to be bold, to look at the big picture, to stir up controversy wherever it needs to be stirred. We want you to be as funny, incisive, and smart as you possibly can. If what you’re trying is a little odd or untested, that’s fine! Please send us your most ambitious ideas; we are forever eager to be convinced.

Here are some examples of book reviews that we have published and that we also love:

Everything else you need to know is already on the Submittable page, so get on over there already, ya goose!

Please send us pitches only rather than completed pieces. This saves everyone time!

If you have any questions, please email them to online@theliftedbrow.com, or you can ask us over Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. But don’t send your pitches there! Send them to us via the Submittable, because that’s what Submittable is for – submitting things.

We look forward to reading your review pitches!