We are often looking to expand our team by adding like-minded people who want to see us improve and excel as much as we do. Check our Submittable page for any openings.

For all advertised positions we particularly encourage people to apply who are queer and/or trans and/or of any colour, religion, age, ability, or gender, and/or are rad and excellent and canny.

No previous experience is ever absolutely required for any advertised role, although it will obviously be viewed favourably. We hope those who apply are keen to stick around for a while – we’re not asking for decades from you, but we also anticipate successful applicants to love and grow in the role, and generally becoming involved in all things we do.

Ideally anyone applying for any of the positions below will be located in Melbourne, and be able to come into our office on Fridays. These times are very negotiable, though – we understand that life is busy and complicated a lot of the time. Also, if you don’t live in Melbourne and can make a strong case as to why you’re perfect for the job anyway, we will listen.

A note on pay: everyone who works for us is currently unpaid for their work, because we simply don’t yet have the money to pay anyone (any and all money we make goes directly into production costs – e.g. contributor payments, printing, postage, etc). Instead of financial remuneration, what you do get in return for your labour is: a fun time; experience; access to other opportunities (including paid ones); added stress; a place to call home.

To apply for a position, please do so at our Submittable page. You’ll usually be asked to provide a one-page CV (including information only relevant to the position) and a brief cover letter addressing why you are best suited to the role. Combine the CV and cover letter into a single PDF for bonus points.



We offer four unpaid internship rounds per year, each of which spans three months: January—>March, April—>June, July—>September, and October—>December. Time required is a one day per week – Fridays. Internships are based in Melbourne, at our office at RMIT University.

Interns will take part in at least one full print magazine issue cycle, gaining good, fun, dirty experience in editorial, miscellaneous publishing business stuff, design, events management, and more. Interns will also gain experience across many areas of publishing and editing: from assessing submissions and manuscripts, to the preparation of content, to helping with handling the business side of a magazine and publishing house. Whilst you’ll often be encouraged to research interesting projects and contribute creatively, you’ll also have to do a bunch of the usual grunt work: mail runs, research, proofreading, databasing, and so on. You'll also have opportunity to work on Brow Books projects, as well as any standalone events, prizes, and more.

Applicants should be available to start at the beginning of the first month of the three month internship, coming in all day Friday each and every week. The most important things we look for in our interns are: energy and professionalism, an interest in the publishing industry, excellent writing and editing skills, and a passion for the type of work that we create and publish. We’re more than happy to take interns as part of university/TAFE programs, and we are just as happy not to.

We open for internship applications from the 1st-10th of the month before the internship begins. So for example, for the January—>March internship, we open for applications from 1st-10th of November. For the July–>September round, we open for applications from 1st-10th of May. Please submit your application via our Submittable page. All that is required is a one-page CV and a cover letter also no longer than a page. Combine the CV and cover letter in a single PDF document for bonus points.

Note: this internship is regrettably unpaid. Also note: every single staff member at our organisation is regrettably unpaid! We’re all volunteers, because our activities are not financially lucrative – all revenue goes directly to paying contributors, printing costs, and to cover the operating costs of the organisation.