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Issue 38
JUNE 2018

COVER ARTWORK: by comics artist Merv Heers
COLUMNS: Dion Kagan, Jana Perković, Hayley Singer and Michael Dulaney
NONFICTION: Stephen Pham, Lauren Carroll Harris, Isabella Trimboli, Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, Emma Marie Jones, Hessom Razavi, Monikka Eliah, and Kate Prendergast
FICTION: Allee Richards and Tom Lee
POETRY: Eileen Chong, Zeina Hashem Beck, and Sumudu Samarawickrama
CONVERSATION: Eileen Chong and Zeina Hashem Beck
COMICS & ARTWORK: Felix Decombat, Josephine Edwards, Michael Hawkins, Meg O'Shea, Peo Michie, Joe Kessler, Caroline Wylds, Anton Seder, Lizzie Nagy, Molly Turner, Mira Schlosberg, Aaron Billings, Dayne Swerdling, Giulia Pelizzaro, Leonie Brialey, Marlo Mogensen, Tim Ungaro, Molly Dyson, and Claudia Chinyere Akole, HTMLflowers, Anna Haifisch, Lee Lai, Saehan Parc, Emma Kohlmann, Michael Theodorou, Leonie Brialey, Georgette Stefoulis, Meg O'Shea, Funmi Durojaiye, Tommi Parrish, Paul Rhodes, Eloise Grills, and Shay Colley
SEX AND RELATIONSHIP ADVICE: Benjamin Law and his mum Jenny







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